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ABOUT Diamondsplash TOKEN

The ICO will be done in BTC and ETH, or Diamondsplash around the world.

  • Name of the coin: Diamondsplash
  • Ticker symbol:Diamondsplash
  • Diamondsplash: Digital Asset Exchange
  • Supply of Diamondsplash: 500,00,000 Diamondsplash
  • ICO Starts: Dec. 2018

Public sale discounts:

  • First Round June: ($0.3 per Diamondsplash)
  • Second Round July: ($0.35 per Diamondsplash)
  • Third Round Aug:($0.4 per Diamondsplash)
General description

We will issue our token coin, called the Diamondsplash. A strict limit of 200 million Diamondsplash will be created, never to be increased. It will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20.

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